Volvo Overseas Delivery Program

Take The Vacation of a Lifetime - Volvo Overseas Delivery

As a thank-you for purchasing your new Volvo, Volvo Cars Group would like to treat you to a Scandanavian vacation and give you the opportunity to take delivery of your new Volvo at the factory where it was built in Gothenburg, Sweden. You will drive your new Volvo while you're there, and this great Volvo program also includes having your new Volvo shipped back to Ohio for pick up right here at Volvo Cincinnati North!

What are the benefits of the Overseas Delivery Program?

  • Enjoy the vacation of a lifetime
  • Save up to 8 percent on U.S. MSRP
  • Complimentary round trip tickets for two to Scandinavia
  • One hotel night in Gothenburg Sweden, the home of Volvo
  • Complimentary 15-day European insurance
  • Home shipment services valid for six months
  • Volvo factory tour
  • U.S. Customs duty, port clearance fees, and transportation to your Volvo retailer are included in purchase price
Volvo Overseas Delivery

How Do I Get Started?

To get yourself started, order the Volvo of your choice from Volvo Cars Cincinnati North. Your savings are guaranteed with discounts up to 8% off the MSRP.  We will assist you with the necessary paperwork, including your temporary Swedish registration.

Fifteen working days after submitting your order, you will receive an Order Confirmation Package, including detailed instructions for organizing your trip with Volvo's Travel Concierge.

Volvo Delivery Center in Gothenburg Sweden

What if I Want to Visit Other Countries in Europe?

Of course, we're partial to visiting the Gothenburg Factory Delivery Center in Sweden, but you may choose to pick up your new Volvo at  or any official delivery location in Europe*. We will register your new car for your stay, walk you through the process of obtaining European insurance, and provide you Volvo On Call Service's protection.

At the end of your European vacation, just drop off your Volvo at the Gothenburg Delivery Center or any official drop-off location in Europe*. We'll ship it back to you and take care of all the problems that make importing a car difficult, from excise taxes to import duties.  It's all included!

The ICEHOTEL in Sweden

Customize Your Vacation the Way You Want!

Looking for a few days of Golf in Sweden or Scotland? Volvo can do that. A tour of Castles and Manor House hotels? Volvo can do that too! Volvo's Travel Concierge has dozens of options for you to choose from.

Maybe you want to visit the famous ICEHOTEL, go Sea Kayaking on the archipelago of Bohuslan, visit the 1,000 year-old Domkyrkan Castle in Lund, or just tour some of the finest restaurants in Scandanavia, Volvo's Travel Concierge has the perfect trip for you.

* Additional charges apply when picking-up or dropping off your new Volvo in any location except the Gothenburg Delivery Center.

Please contact Dave Purvis with any questions or requests at (888) 511-2760, or request more info via the form below.

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