Oil Change at Volvo Cincinnati North

Why Should You Get Your Oil Changed?

Changing your oil is the easiest and cheapest way to extend the life of your Volvo. In order to keep your engine performing at its best, it's necessary to replace the motor oil. It helps keep your internal components and parts lubricated while protecting them against wear and tear.

When Should You Get Your Volvo Oil Changed?

In order to keep your engine performing at its best, we recommend getting an oil change every 5,000 miles (for Model Year 2013 Vehicles and Newer). Although Volvo states your oil can last as long as 10,000 miles, the driving conditions here in Cincinnati are such that we recommend changing your oil every 5,000 miles.*

*Vehicles from Model Year 1999 to 2012 have a factory-recommended oil change interval of 7,500 miles which we also recommend doing twice as frequently here in Cincinnati- or every 3,750 miles.

How To Know If You Have a Problem With Your Engine Oil?

Being able to identify warning signs of an engine oil related problem may save you a lot of money and headaches in the future. There are two common signs of an engine-oil-related problem. Spotting oil stains under your vehicle may be a clear indication. However, don't mistake water under your vehicle for oil. In the summer time, water condenses and drains from your air conditioning system.

Volvo Oil Change Service in Cincinnati

The most common areas that would leak oil are your Oil Pan Gasket, Oil Plug or Valve Cover Gasket. Another major indication your vehicle is suffering from low oil pressure is having the oil light on. The engine needs a certain amount of oil in order to stay properly lubricated and function like it was designed to. If the oil light appears on your dashboard, we recommend stopping your vehicle and having it towed in and inspected immediately.

What Does a Volvo Oil Change Include?

At Volvo Cars Cincinnati North, there's more to an oil change than meets the eye. Besides, changing your oil, we'll do a complimentary multi-point vehicle inspection to check things like your battery, brakes, and tread depth. We'll even vacuum and wash your vehicle!

How Much Does a Volvo Oil Change Cost?

The price of your oil change will vary based on whether you prefer full synthetic or synthetic blend. At Volvo Cars Cincinnati North, you can expect the starting price to be between $69.95 and $89.95 for an oil and filter change using synthetic blend oil -- and up to $125.00 for a full-synthetic oil and filter change.

Why Get Your Oil Changed at Volvo Cars Cincinnati North?

Volvo Change Oil

Our Volvo dealership only uses the factory-specified brand and weight of oil specifically formulated to keep your Volvo running at peak performance. Our technicians will not only change the oil and filter, but they will also complete a multi-point inspection of the vehicle and email you the results of that inspection. Volvo Cars and SUV's have a reputation for reliability and longevity. Insure that your Volvo lives up to that reputation with regular oil changes at Volvo Cars Cincinnati North.


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