Do you enjoy trivia games? What if the only way to win one was to recall your vehicle's tire size from memory? That might not be much fun, but we want to take the stress out of understanding tire sizes at Volvo Cars Cincinnati North. Knowing your tire size's details will add confidence to your Cincinnati automotive experience.

A tire size seen on local cars might read P245/65R17. Starting from the left, we learn that the tire was constructed for a passenger car. If the letters were LT, we'd be dealing with a tire for a light truck or SUV. Next, we learn the section width. Measured in millimeters, this is simply the tire's width between its sidewalls.

We see the aspect ratio after the slash. This tells us the sidewall's height, and it is a percentage of the section width. The R signifies the tire's radial construction, and the final number is the wheel diameter. You're now ready to expertly shop for tires.


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