Safety Features in the Volvo V90 That'll Make You Rethink Safety

You can find many vehicles at Volvo Cars Cincinnati North, but every so often there is a vehicle we love to highlight, like the V90 from Volvo. This is a special luxury wagon that you'd love to drive around West Chester. One aspect our sales people love to talk about is the vehicle's safety.

Safety Features to Discover

Hill Descent

The Hill Descent Control system is a button away, and it helps your vehicle go down a steep hill a little more safely. The system detects the rotation speed of each tire and applies brakes as needed to keep you in control.

Lane Keep

The Lane Keep Aid helps you by using the various cameras and sensors in your car to keep you in your lane. People sometimes drift into other lanes without noticing until it is too late. Volvo knew this and decided to tackle the issue with a system that warns you about what you are doing and even corrects the course of your vehicle if needed.

The V90 is definitely the kind of wagon you'd want to test drive, so why not go ahead and set up your date with us?



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