Volvo S90 Exterior Features are Beautiful and Practical

The Volvo S90 is full of attractive lines, but this popular luxury sedan has more than meets the eye. The Scandinavian design of this vehicle is clear in its elegant minimalist curves, but there are two design details that stand out.

One of the little details that are solely part of the Volvo brand are the "Thor's Hammer" daytime running lights. These running lights give this vehicle a classic identity, but also serve practicality because they make the night roads more visible.

The exterior design includes unseen features that equate with a smooth relaxing ride. Aluminum double wishbone suspension in the front of the vehicle creates immediate action when steering. Integral link suspension in the back controls weight and keeps the ride steady.

Volvo Cars Cincinnati North wants those living and driving in West Chester to get the best ride for their money. We welcome you to come test drive a Volvo S90 today!



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