Why Look Closer at the Volvo XC90 Safety Features?

Once the crew at Volvo Cars Cincinnati North had the chance to look at the new Volvo XC90, we knew this popular luxury SUV was all about its numerous safety features. These are two system features making it safer to ride on the road.

When traveling on a busy highway, it can be a real challenge to be able to see vehicles behind you in the blind spot areas. The new Volvo XC90 has the Blind Spot Information System working to lessen the concern, by scanning with radars to locate the vehicles in a blind spot and then flash your side mirror so you know exactly where they are.

The Adaptive Cruise Control feature is activated when the cruising speed is chosen, and then radar sensors scan the road ahead for a lead vehicle. Once spotted, a buffer is created and your Volvo XC90 will brake and accelerate automatically to keep that safe buffer intact.



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