Ride Safely With The Volvo S60

If you are in search of a popular luxury compact sedan, come in and check out the Volvo S60 here at Volvo Cars Cincinnati North.

The S60 comes with a variety of safety features to keep you and all your passengers safe. A feature that all drivers will love is the lane-keeping aid which alerts you automatically when you stray out of your lane. If you do not respond to the vehicle's warning, your Volvo S60 will guide you back into your lane with braking and light steering. If you tend to drive on the highway a lot, you will enjoy the adaptive cruise control that automatically reduces your vehicle's speed to the speed of the vehicle ahead of you.

If you are curious about other safety features the Volvo S60 has, stop on over to Volvo Cars Cincinnati North to test drive it today and find out if the safety features suit your driving style.


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