The Stylish Volvo V60 Inscription

One look at the new Volvo V60 Inscription and you'll fall in love. This popular mid-sized sports wagon is available at Volvo Cars Cincinnati North. The exterior of this vehicle is expertly designed to give off a feeling of luxury and sophistication.

Chrome is used throughout the body of the wagon. You can find it around the side mirrors, front grille, and hood. The material has a mirror finish that shines in the light. It perfectly complements the shape of the vehicle and works well with any of the available exterior color options. On the back of the V60 Inscription, the material is used on the dual exhaust pipes. The tailpipes are integrated into the body of the wagon for a seamless appearance. However, the chrome trim around them adds an attractive contrast.

When it comes for the wheels, Volvo doesn't disappoint. This vehicle is equipped with large alloy wheels. They're machined into an intricate design that's sure to attract attention wherever you go.



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